Testing Ecto - an Off-line Blog Editor

While on Persia Overland, I was using the off-line blog editing software MarsEdit 2 (which made me think often of Marsport).

It’s certainly good enough to use on the road, when time is a premium, but the way it manages media is a bit of a pain. I really want Aperture integration, which lead me to try ecto. I also need to host my own image files, as I found that flickr is blocked in Iran and other countries (although there is a workaround for Firefox users, which I’ve used and recommend), and Ovi blocks access geographically from certain IP address ranges.

So far, so good. It lets me upload images directly to my site, easily embed thumbnails thus;

Bewcastle, er, castle

and has the other features you would expect (html editor, easy linking, good tag and category support, etc.)

I’ll try it for a few more days and see how it goes.