Redline MTL for the R380

This year for the Land Rovers “October Service”, I decided to stop using ATF in the R380 gearbox, as I’d noticed that Land Rover had issued a Technical Service Bulletin advising that a gear oil meeting MTF94 be used instead.


After a friends recommendation and some trawling on the forums, I decided that Redline MTL was the way to go (Royal Purple Synchromax also seems worth a look).

Armed with my 32mm wrench (for the drain; sockets don’t fit), my T55 Torx bit and a fluid transfer pump (it’s tight near the filler), I drained and refilled the gearboxes on the ‘96 Tdi and the ‘95 V8.

I test drove both trucks. The difference is astounding. The troublesome 2-3 shift is smooth for the first time ever (without having to think about it), and the downshifts are a dream. It’s hard to believe that just a simple fluid change can make such a big difference, it really is incredible. I’m interested to see what it looks like when I change it out in October 2009.

Next time, I’ll but it by the gallon rather than the quart, as it’s a right faff to mess about with the quart size containers and the pump.

Redline MTL: Highly recommended for Land Rovers with the R380 manual transmission.