Antenna Upgrade

While up on the roof, winterizing the swamp cooler, I decided to swap-out my Diamond X50A dual-band antenna with a tri-band Diamond X6000A, which I’ve had sitting in the garage for a while. It was just in May that I installed the X50A.

It was an easy install, though I did install a second chimney bracket (a Channel Master 9067) as the X6000A is much longer, and I also re-terminated the co-ax using N-connectors rather than PL-259s. I’m glad to make the move to N-connectors, as well as having better impedance characteristics, they seem better quality than the PL259s (I especially like the Times Microwave TC-400-NMC that I’m using on my LMR400 cable).


The X6000A is a big bugger, at over 3m long, but it’s specs are impressive:

Gain (dB)
Max Power Rating
Wind Rating
112 MPH (no ice)
Height (feet/meters)
Element Phasing
2-5/8l, 5-5/8l, 6-5/8l


So it’s about a 2dB gain over the X50A on 2m and 70cm. Of course, it now opens up the world of 23cm to me, which I’m looking forward to when I get my Icom ID-1 - D-STAR too! Of course, it’s an omnidirectional antenna, so I won’t get fantastic gain in any direction but I think it’ll be a great place to start on the 23cm band.

Installation Instructions are here (PDF link)