1972 6-Cylinder 2.625cc Land Rover Series IIA Dormobile Conversion

Sold in March 2013

BMIHT Certificate

This was my 1972 Dormobile. It’s a Land Rover Series IIA, 109” with the increasingly rare 2.6l 6-cylinder engine. Less than 54,000 original miles, while it’s in original condition and would benefit from a proper restoration, it’s a drivable vehicle, though todays highway speeds send you in search of quieter roads…

This is how the VIN/chassis number breaks down:

  • 1972 Series IIA Dormobile
  • VIN: 35101054H
  • VIN decoded: 351
  • Model: Land Rover, Series IIA
  • Body type: Station wagon
  • Wheel base: 109in
  • Engine: 6-cylinder
  • Model years: 1966-1971
  • Destination: Export, right-hand drive (RHD)
  • Serial number: 01054H
  • Design: Seven or more significant design modifications

Teriann Wakeman has driven a Dormobile for years - it’s a standard fixture at Land Rover events throughout the USA. She maintains a website - www.expeditionrover.info, which is full of great information.

The Dormobile Owners Club maintain a forum, and even the 6-cylinder engine has a fan club at the Carawagon and Six Pot Association!

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Dormobile Brochure

Here’s a copy of the original brochure - “The world’s most versatile vehicle”. Click on the image to see the 4 page PDF.

BMIHT Certificate

Here’s it’s pedigree - A British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certified copy of a factory record. As you can see, it’s still in it’s original “Mid Grey” color, and the certificate shows it was an export model, destined for overseas via Dormobile.

Interestingly you’ll note that it’s build date is 12 July, 1971. As the vehicle went to Dormobile for conversion it wasn’t registered until 1972 (first data of registration is what counts in the UK, not the date of build). So here you have a bit of an anomaly - a 1972 Series IIA.

Click the image for a larger version.

BMIHT Certificate (technical data)

Here’s a lot more technical data regarding the specification of the vehicle right after it left the line at Solihull. Other than the Dormobile conversion, it’s all stock - after 41 years!

Click the image for a larger version.